Development House

Technology is in our DNA

DEG Dev House is a progressive software development house. Specialising in inhouse software development products for clients or consulting and enhancing our clients existing software platforms through adaptability, support and maintenance with fully integrated functionality.  

Design and Development of efficient, cost saving, high output software systems through innovative features that exceed all expectations by improving every aspect of your business environment through Enterprise Resource Planning Systems.  

We are pioneers in the space of enhancements and development of applications with BI Reporting, ensuring your IT structure constantly evolves with your business needs. 


Core Competencies 

  • Take the time to understand client’s business models and software requirements, reviewing system/s in place and identifying areas that require improvement and development  
  • Time and effort are taken to attend to all details, ensuring nothing is overlooked and the scope is detailed according to client’s needs. New applications are proposed and discussed 
  • We remain constant throughout the development, installation, implementation and training ensuring transparency from inception to completion 
  • Offering 24 our support via our online ticketing system, ensuring that our clients are never left high and dry 
  • Specialists in Enterprise Resource Planning Systems  
  • Software development Consultants  
  • Project and change management 
  • Implementation management

Usage of Code 

We have expertise and experience in the following code. Constantly upskilling our developers to ensure our fingers remain on the pulse.  We are a Microsoft Partner  

Following the ethics and language of code at all times. We prefer to use Microsoft products and follow either the agile or waterfall project management approach.

Inhouse Products


ERP System, Business process management software which allows organisations to use system integrated applications to manage their business and more importantly automate many back-office functions related to technology; services; business management; projects and human resources (but not limited to)  

Mobile Application

With the ever-growing demand for mobile apps and the need for our clients to have a presence in the mobile app space, DEGSA has designed a plug and play app for Android and Apple that will extend our clients’ current web applications into the mobile space.  Within days DEGSA can have your company in the app stores, fully branded with your corporate identity and ready for users to download to their phones and tablets.  There are no development costs or lengthy development periods to get your company into the mobile app space, we simply need to apply your branding and register you on the app stores. 

Online Ticketing System

Fully interactive system, Dynamic reporting and auditing.  Management of Project and Support/Development Tickets. 

User permission levels set as needed.   Can be used for internal needs of internal and external needs depending on your business environment.

Includes Azure AD integration.   

Can be customised and enhanced to your additional requirements.  

Top sellers – Products and Services Offered

Electronic Portfolio of Evidence  

Educational Repositories 

Human Resource online tools / modules to enhance the overall performance, development and management of HR 

Autograde Job Grading Software, incorporating a Job Description and Organogram Builder  

Consulting/Software Development  

    What we use




    HTML 5


    Microsoft SQL











    Java Script

    Java Script