African Excellence Award

DEGSA is an international award winning company – MEA Awards July 2022.

During the July 2022 MEA Awards Ceremony, DEGSA achieved outstanding results as; The Most Innovative Online Learning Provider in South Africa.

Technology is in our DNA

DEG Dev House is a progressive software development house. Specialising in inhouse software development products for clients or consulting and enhancing our clients existing software platforms through adaptability, support and maintenance with fully integrated functionality.

Design and Development of efficient, cost saving, high output software systems through innovative features that exceed all expectations by improving every aspect of your business environment through Enterprise Resource Planning Systems

We are pioneers in the space of enhancements and development of applications with BI Reporting, ensuring your IT structure constantly evolves with your business needs.

We assist with all your Software Development Requirements

Consulting on new and exisiting software

Support on existing platforms

Development of inhouse “new” platforms

Maintaining your existing and new platforms


Core Competencies

Take the time to understand client’s business models and software requirements, reviewing system/s in place and identifying areas that require improvement and development

Offering 24 our support via our online ticketing system, ensuring that our clients are never left high and dry

Time and effort are taken to attend to all details, ensuring nothing is overlooked and the scope is detailed according to client’s needs. New applications are proposed and discussed

Specialists in Enterprise Resource Planning Systems

We remain constant throughout the development, installation, implementation and training ensuring transparency from inception to completion

Software development Consultants

Project and change management

Implementation management

Usage of Code

We have expertise and experience in the following code.  Constantly upskilling our developers to ensure our fingers remain on the pulse.  We are a Microsoft Partner

Following the ethics and language of code at all times. We prefer to use Microsoft products and follow either the agile or waterfall project management approach

We specialise in the following Code (back end / front end) but not limited to;

Wordpress Logo


Wordpress Logo


Wordpress Logo


Wordpress Logo


React Logo


React Logo

Java Script

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React Logo


DevOps Logo


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React Logo


Mobile Responsive Development

Most of DEGSA’s applications are web based, but encompass mobile responsive practices so that clients, customers, suppliers and end-users may access the applications using any device, wheather it is a mobile phone, tablet or pc.

Internet Explorer Icon White


Windows OS Icon white

Windows OS


Business Intelligence

  • Report design

  • Dashboard designer

  • Slice & dice, drill down

  • Scheduled or triggered

  • Interactive

  • Share reports

  • Publish

Development & Support Variations

  • Client satisfaction & surey

  • Client relationship management

  • Supplier logistics management

  • Full HR custom platform

  • Clients inhouse software platforms

  • Client satification & survey

  • Business statistics and Dynamic reporting tools

  • Administrative platform

  • Electronic portfolios of evidence

  • Project management

  • Education suite admin platform

  • Board pack reporting


  • Electronic user manuals

  • Electronic how-to manuals

  • Analytivs

  • Training videos

  • On-site training

  • Remote training

  • User groups



  • Software adaptability

  • Custom branding

  • Spatial database

  • Business intelligence

  • Total integration

  • ISO  compliance

  • Development specific customer need


  • Centralise Data & Integrate Systems

  • Add & Customise Business logic

  • Add Workflows and Process Flows

  • Report and Analyse Data

Cloud Based

  • Access from anywhere at anytime

  • Host options available

  • Host in the Cloud

  • Cloud security, setup and testing


In the Digital Age where HR and Digital Transformation is a core focus area for business success. 

The Application of technology and the correct Software choices are key to your businesses overall success

As your business evolves so should your platforms. Choose a platform that not only fits your business model but moulds towards your strategic plan and future needs.

Inhouse Products

We at times do inhouse development and allow our products to become dynamic, adaptable and client specific through integration and full customisation.


ERP System, Business process management software which allows organisations to use system integrated applications to manage their business and more importantly automate many back-office functions related to technology; services; business management; projects and human resources (but not limited to)

Online Ticketing System

Fully interactive system, Dynamic reporting and auditing.  Management of Project and Support/Development Tickets.

User permission levels set as needed.   Can be used for internal needs of internal and external needs depending on your business environment.   Includes, Multi-Tent / URL ports and redirect / Azure App Registration

Can be customised and enhanced to your additional requirements.


The New EPOE

Top Sellers – Products and Services Offered


Human Resource online tools / modules to enhance the overall performance, development and management of HR


Electronic Portfolio of Evidence


Electronic Portfolio of Evidence


Electronic Portfolio of Evidence


Electronic Portfolio of Evidence

Where Innovation and Technology meet