Electronic Portfolio of Evidence

We are proud to introduce you to the electronic portfolio of evidence.   Understanding the core elements required in the functionality of an electronic portfolio of evidence we have taken the needs of our clients seriously and ensured a user friendly, Single Sign on and fully integrated Portfolio of Evidence.

The EPOE4ALL is more simplistic from a user perspective with added functionality and work flows built in to ensure elimination of human error and a new dynamic user experience for all.

EPOE board blue

Information is easily located, free flowing and most importantly the controls and much more adaptive to the needs of you, our valued client.  Including customized reporting, tracking of activities, document library, exports, imports and Dashboard functionality.   Customized security levels for all users, with a logical workflow incorporated.  Messaging, mailing ensuring communication channels are open at all times for all users.  Including a “nudge” notification of work to be done per user.

The QCTO and Seta requirements are met with added security and sign off protocol.  Detailed auditing reports can be supplied and authenticity of users constantly checked and signed off electronically.  We are in the process of having the EPOE4ALL approved/supported by the Setas and QCTO alongside our pre-existing EPOE which has already been supported by these entities for over 2 years now.



Customer Orientated

Electronic Portfolio of evidence Modules

Learner Profiles Assessment Plans Reporting
Document Library SAQA qualification uploads Dashboards
Facilitator Profiles  Assessment Criteria Bookmarking
Moderator Profiles Marking of assessments Full Auditing
Security Levels Statement of results Internal communication
Workflows * automated
Document Management System Archiving Things to do list

Functionality and Deliverables of the EPOE

  • Full setup of platform with all functionality according to specification given on scope
  • Branded Portal
  • Customized Look and Feel Setup of SMS/Email notifications and activation
  • Fully customized reporting and dashboards per scope
  • Automatic reporting and distribution setups, reports automatically received daily/weekly/monthly as per scope
  • High level security on users and access levels
  • Customized Templates as supplied per scope
  • Automated workflows setup and Tasks setup as per scope
  • Integration Setups Avail on other software/s in use
  • System works online and offline
  • Data transfer from other software platforms
  • Single Sign on
  • Accessed through any device; used by
  • Android; Apple and/or Windows (web based)
  • Auditing and tracking of users and entries
  • Archiving

Added Benefits of the new EPOE4ALL

  • Turnaround time of queries within 7 hours of query being logged (maximum). You no longer have to wait for input or information, we have this at our finger tips.
  • SSO and Integration is active
  • Uploading of Qualifications active and is done by DEGSA, we are coding an import field which will pull the information directly from SAQA.  To load a qualification has never been easier.
  • Uploading of Learners is simplistic with full details (additional Learner Profile fields) to meet DHET, Employment Equity and BBBEEE Scorecard requirements.
  • Customized reporting & setting up of various Dashboards. Know the activity at the click of a button.


  • Customized Templates
  • EPOE can be used by Android; Apple and/or Windows (web based)
  • The EPOE4ALL can be hosted by DEGSA or by you, our valued client
  • We are developing the Authentication of ID through Department of Home Affairs
  • Detailed auditing and tracking reports, every step of the way. This assist with monitoring the full A – Z activities of all your users.
added Benefits
  • Workplace skill report available (customized for your needs and requirements)
  • Dashboards will be setup to show the exact detailed needed as and when requested
  • Better time management of staff and external contract workers
  • Better productivity, traceability of movement and controls throughout the system
  • Marking controls are in place and keep versions from unmarked to assessor marked to moderated and audited. Allowing full comments, scoring and much more.
    • Learner Authenticity linked Qualification > Unit standards > Assessment plans (less workload and less human error)
    • Assessor Onboarding records (linked to a workflow now) (which assessors are qualified with the qualification number and certificates linked)
    • Security controls can be activated / deactivated to ensure learners and other users cannot proceed forward with next instruction or requirement unless initial one is completed
    • Workflows link all the processes within the EPOE thus eliminating human error and allowing for easy communication, notification and follow up
    • Due to the EPOE structure and setup any wording can be changed / added at any time (tables/fields/comments/requirements) furthermore new workflows can be inserted at the click of a button. Very flexible and versatile
    • You can pull all data from the EPOE for the DHET report/s and any other legislative reports at the click of a button
    • Additional Check points inserted for the QCTO requirements and pulling of audit reporting.


    • Super User levels now active, one login linked to your security user profile and you have full access to your full profile, based on your authorized level of security.

    This product can also be used for Internal / In-house staff training programmes, learnership’s and induction at corporate companies. Add this to our new HR tool and you will never have a problem with your Human Capital Management and Development plans. This adds value when having to assess staff performance, disciplinary processes and procedures. The tool works as a foundation to manage all employee knowledge, skills and the acceptance of business systems, procedures and protocol.


     EPOE4all can be used by Android; Apple and/or Windows (web based)

    The Assessment Manager can be accessed through any device, at any time, as long as there is internet connectivity.

    You can work offline and online as it suits your users. 


    Is included and all information is readily available at any stage.


    Online Ticketing System whereby you log tickets in order of priority – free access to ticketing system


    • We train you up to be fully self-supportive. During the first few months we are actively involved to assist you with your customized setup and all your reporting needs and other requirements.
    • We are available on notification
    Software Upgrades

    Should a new software version become available for the EPOE4ALL, this will automatically be updated at no additional cost to you.

    Integration LMS/EPOE

    Full integration is available on any other software product; we just need an API.  We do the setup at no additional cost.  This includes single sign on

    Hosting options

    Client has a choice to host internally or DEGSA can offer hosting at an additional cost per month

    Click n Tel Services

    Supporting your SMS and email requirements

    Data Transfer

    Data can be transferred, separate scope will be drafted with mapping needs

    Branded Portal

    We do brand the EPOE4ALL with your CI.

    Volume based licensing is applied (1 license per user/qualification)

    • 3 training sessions are included
    • Go Live full day included
    • Support is included in the annual technical support fee

    Understanding the constant need for change and the demands placed on businesses, we offer a wide range of e-Solutions, including after sales service, consulting and support for both internal and external product and software development selections.

    The group contains a wealth of skills, experience and expertise when combined we unlock unique enhancements through innovation and technology.  We understand the constant need of change, to evolve and ensure your choice in Software platforms, services and products work for your business through innovation and technology we ensure your IT infrastructure best fits your business mould now and in the future.



    Digital Education Specialists (online tools EPOE/EDUREP)

    Project and Change Management consultants

    Paterson Job Grading Specialists (online tools and training)

    Embracing Innovation and Technology and the application thereof

    Software Development hub

    Support and Maintenance (software) consultants

    Our Top Products


    Job Description and Organogram Builder

    You are then able to view your organogram (in different structures) and also export for print with your branding. Once you have completed your grading, the outcome is populated in your Job Description and can be filtered into your organogram.   


    Autograde (Online Job Grading System)

    Tremendis Learning brings you an Online Job Grading Tooldriven by the Paterson Methodology, the leading job grading methodology in South Africa, Sub Sahara Africa and internationally.


    Consulting/Software Development

    Specializing in inhouse software development products for clients or consulting and enhancing our clients existing software platforms through adaptability, support and maintenance with fully integrated functionality.


    Online Ticketing System

    Soteria Ticketing is our full-featured issue tracking system which can be tailored to cater to all your support needs.


    Electronic Portfolio of Evidence

    Our Electronic Portfolios of Evidence is where the evidence of learners is stored in a categorized manner, allowing the process of assessment and moderation to be simplified and controlled in many different manners.


    Educational Repositories

    EDUREP is more simplistic from a user perspective with added functionality and work flows built in to ensure elimination of human error and a new dynamic user experience for all.



    ERP System, Business process management software which allows organizations to use system integrated applications to manage their business and more importantly automate many back-office functions related to technology; services; business management; projects and human resources (but not limited to)

    Using Innovation and Technology to simplify your HR Administrative requirements and record keeping

    Contact us for more information  info@degsa.co.za