Electronic Portfolio of Evidence 


We are proud to introduce you to the EPOE4all.   Understanding the core elements required in the functionality of an electronic portfolio of evidence we have taken the needs of our clients seriously and ensured a user friendly, Single Sign on and fully integrated Portfolio of Evidence.    

EPOE4ALL is more simplistic from a user perspective with added functionality and work flows built in to ensure elimination of human error and a new dynamic user experience for all.   

Information is easily located, free flowing and most importantly the controls and much more adaptive to the needs of you, our valued client.  Including customized reporting, tracking of activities, document library, exports, imports and Dashboard functionality.   Customized security levels for all users, with a logical workflow incorporated.  Messaging, mailing ensuring communication channels are open at all times for all users.  Including a “nudge” notification of work to be done per user. 

Modules included, but not limited to 


Learner Profiles  Assessment Plans   Reporting  
Document Library   SAQA qualification uploads  Dashboards 
Facilitator Profiles   Assessment Criteria   Bookmarking  
Moderator Profiles  Marking of assessments   Full Auditing 
Security Levels  Statement of results   Internal communication  
    Workflows * automated 
Document Management System  Archiving   Things to do list  

Functionality and Deliverables:    


Full setup of platform with all functionality according to specification given on scope 

Branded Portal  

Customised Look and Feel 

Setup of SMS/Email notifications and activation  

Fully customised reporting and dashboards per scope 

Automatic reporting and distribution setups, reports automatically received daily/weekly/monthly as per scope  

High level security on users and access levels  

Customised Templates as supplied per scope  

Automated workflows setup and Tasks setup as per scope  


Integration Setups Avail on other software/s in use  

System works online and offline  


Data transfer from other software platforms  


Single Sign on   

Accessed through any device; used by Android; Apple and/or Windows (web based 

Auditing and tracking of users and entries