HR Audit

Being the leaders within the HR Space we pride ourselves in both embracing technology through innovative designs to simplify the administration but ensure record keeping and vital documentation is managed correctly whilst also taking into account the needs and deliverables of business, through adequate and high output of performance within the human resources area.

Productivity is increased with time and performance management controls that now give you more time to focus on other HR matters requiring face to face engagement, whilst you have the knowledge that your 360 HR value chain is in place.

Do all jobs hold value?  The right person in the right position can be the extinction or survival for your organization?


Let us do an HR Audit, includes but not limited to: 

  • Job Architecture; Human Resources and deliverables vs strategic business planning
  • Job Profiles are accurate against job evaluation and descriptions
  • Organogram speaks to the correct structure and volume of your human resources for high output of deliverables and productivity.
  • Gap analysis > Employee vs Job Description identification (Skills Development/Succession planning/Career planning)
  • Value of each position within the organization (Salary benchmarking moving towards Internal Equity)   
  • Contact us with your needs and we will send you a detailed proposal with variables