We are proud to introduce to you Soteria, our full-featured issue tracking system tailored to cater to all your support needs.

Soteria was the Greek goddess of safety and preservation from harm, and we are certain that this solution can provide you with the same – confidence in keeping track of all your external support queries and security in knowing that your internal business issues are being monitored and kept up to date.





Keep track of your agents’ performance through our analytics dashboard, which allows you to monitor turnaround times for resolving tickets, total time worked on tickets etc., and includes the option to filter on specific projects, ticket priorities and more.

Audit Trail

Be prepared for any audits or external/internal inquiries. Soteria retains all ticket activity such as status changes and communication activity, keeping a complete record of a ticket’s lifecycle.


Ticket Collaboration


Add multiple participants to existing tickets and create and assign ticket specific tasks to agents and clients to divide workload items and allow for a more team driven problem-solving experience.


Each instance of Soteria is a standalone platform fully-configurable to cater to your use case. Configure your own ticket types, priorities and close reasons and categorize your areas of interest through client and project separation.


User Roles


Restrict or allow the usage of specific system actions through Soteria’s in-depth permission management feature or confine users to their focus areas by allocating agents and non-agents to projects relatable to them.


Added Benefits

  • Client configured dark and light themes
  • Configure the application look and feel to your business needs
  • All hosting and backups managed by DEGSA
  • Microsoft single sign-on
  • Real-time communication updates
  • Email notifications



Contact us today for a demo or to give you demo access for a limited period of time.